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A false allegation of sexual assault or rape is traumatic for the person accused of the crime, and the consequences for a conviction can be devastating. Even the accusation of this type of crime can destroy your reputation, career, and family life. At the Law Office of James M. Caramanica, P.C., our Attleboro sexual assault attorney provides a vigorous defense for our clients.

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What to Do After an Accusation

An accusation of sexual assault or rape is extremely serious. It is common for police officers to attempt to get an admission of guilt, but it is imperative not to speak to the police about the allegation. If you are arrested, don’t make a statement to the police, answer questions, or even discuss the allegation over the phone from jail before contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Building an Effective Defense

Mounting a strong defense is essential if you have been accused of rape or sexual assault. We can thoroughly investigate your case, interview potential witnesses, gather evidence, and work to build a defense that confirms your version of the events.

Possible defense strategies for sexual assault cases may include:

  • The act was consensual
  • Mistaken identity
  • The alleged victim’s lack of credibility
  • Mental incapacity of the alleged victim
  • Evidence of impotency or being physically incapable of raping

The first step should be to contact an attorney as soon as you know you are accused of assault or any other sex crime. At our firm, the process begins with a free consultation with our sexual assault lawyer in Attleboro. We listen to your version of events, assess the evidence against you, and recommend the best defense strategy for your situation.

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