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Murder is among the most serious violent crimes under Massachusetts law. Your freedom, reputation, family, and future are in jeopardy, so it is imperative that you hire an attorney with the right experience to handle your case. When you need a murder defense attorney in Attleboro or Fall River, contact the Law Office of James M. Caramanica, P.C. for experienced legal representation.

“When you are arrested for murder, you need an attorney fast. Call to discuss your case with our criminal defense lawyer.”

Avoiding the Worst Consequences

A murder conviction can result in devastating criminal penalties, including spending the rest of your life in prison. Our murder defense lawyer in Attleboro will carefully examine the facts of the case and how the arrest and investigation were handled to look for opportunities to have the charges reduced. We guide you through the process and fight to ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the case.

Fighting the Evidence against You

The stakes are high in a murder case, so it is important to hire an attorney with specific experience defending clients in murder cases. Effectively representing a client requires knowledge of criminal law and forensic evidence, extensive investigation and discovery, and skill in the courtroom. We evaluate all possible defense strategies to develop the strongest possible case for you.

Possible defense strategies in murder cases may include:

  • Alibi defense
  • Suppressing photo or lineup evidence
  • Self defense
  • Lack of criminal responsibility, or insanity, defense

Due to the serious nature of a murder charge, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and look out for your best interests. We offer a free initial consultation with our criminal defense lawyer, so you can get the advice you need. We are available after hours to answer your call and get started on your defense.

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