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“I can not find the words to express my joy and jubilation for the way you fought for my son’s life. As a father, you want your children to do the right things in life and when they go off course, you want to be there to guide them back in the right direction. I failed my son. And you were there to bail me. Thank you.

When the state had my son arrested and charged with murder in December of 2014, I had no idea how I was going to help my son considering my own legal circumstances. All I knew for sure was he was going to need a great attorney to fight and battle for him. I began researching the best attorneys in Massachusetts. I told Donnelle to send me his entire discovery and the name of the attorney who was appointed to represent him. Once I received that information, I researched you and your impeccable accomplishment and success as an attorney truly speaks for itself. But for me that was not enough. I needed to have to complete confidence in your ability to defend my son. And that confidence came the very moment I read your McCarthy Motion to dismiss. Although, the court erred in dismissing the motion, it was by far the best McCarthy motion I have ever read. Once I read that motion, I knew that my son had the best attorney in the State of Massachusetts. I knew you would fight to bring my son home and you did just that. Your ability as an attorney is clearly evident in your professionalism, and your candid ability to listen while showing patience at an extremely exuberate level speaks volumes toward your ability as an attorney, above all, your character as a person. I wish I had you as my attorney to represent me in Maine. I would be home by now.

Again, thank you so much. My family also thanks you.”A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Caramanica was hired to help us with a case of assault resulting from a serious mental health breakdown. He was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. He always took the time to make sure we understood every aspect of the process.”A Satisfied Client

“I hired James right before the pandemic hit. I thought it would be months before I had to go back into court for a hearing but almost immediately after the courts reopened he was able to get all charges dismissed via a Zoom hearing. Very professional, reassuring, and caring. Even after I left his office he made sure to check in with me. Hire James!”Elizabeth

“Attorney Caramanica was very responsive and proactive from the start and throughout the judicial process and explained the most likely outcome which was exactly how the case was decided and in our favor. He was very personable and kept us in the loop on everything. Definitely recommend!”Bill

“This guy is a beast worked with me and for me to make sure he got me out did everything he could . Appealed a hearing for me to superior court and Won.”Jordan M.

“He gave us clear direction of the case and it fits our request. Explanations of detail were easy to understand and sufficient. We are really satisfied with his support.”A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend James Caramanica. He is professional, powerful, honest, and VERY knowledgeable! He took care of my case in no time and had everything dismissed. Kept me informed throughout everything. He listens and understood what I was feeling and going through. Without a doubt, if you want an excellent lawyer he is your guy!”Rob

“Attorney Caramanica listened in great detail of my problem without interruption, however he recommended a civil attorney, he was honest in answering a question I had that I wanted his professional opinion on. I would recommend his legal services.”Emmylou

“Jim answered all our questions, got back to us via email quickly and explained everything to us so we knew what was going to happen in the courtroom. We never knew how long it takes everything to happen in the judicial system! Jim guided us through every step of the way. We will be forever grateful for his service to our family.”A Satisfied Client

“I lost an old docket from 10 years ago and he located it for and sent it to my home in Mesa AZ 3000 miles away. No charge for this service. This was very important to me for my new job.”Michael

“I have worked with Attorney Caramanica for over 15 years; he has represented my business in real estate transactions as well as me personally. Jim is highly knowledgeable, professional, and will work diligently in his representation on your legal matter. I highly recommend him!”Ron

“kept me up to date with my case and he did the best things possible he could do for me. I thought he was a great lawyer who also has a good personality. I feel not just like a lawyer but a human bean. I would definitely recommend him!”A Satisfied Client

“He explained solution very well too me very generous person.”A Satisfied Client