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Bail Set For One Of Two Suspects Accused Of Robbing Norton Barber

  • By: James M. Caramanica, Esq.
  • Published: December 28, 2020

In Attleboro, MS, the attorney for one of two suspects who were charged with robbing a barber in Norton claims that his client was not involved in the robbery. The attorney suggested that the police consider the fact that they may not be aware of the entire situation. James Caramanica, Attleboro defense attorney, is representing robbery suspect, Joseph Dunkle. Caramanica told the District Court Judge that “there is more going on here than what the alleged victim would have you believe.”

These comments occurred during a dangerousness hearing that was held to determine whether or not bail was appropriate. District Court Judge, Michele Armour did not grant the prosecution’s request to deny Dunkle bail. Instead, she set bail at $2,500. The Defendant, who works as a personal trainer, was expected to post bail shortly thereafter. Dunkle and his Co-defendant, Michael Donovan, have both been charged with unarmed robbery, assault, battery, and conspiracy. The incident prompting the charges took place in the parking lot of Boneheads Barber Shop in Norton on December, 3, 2020.

Local police suspect that the defendants assaulted the barber and then stole his personal property, including a designer backpack, cash and credit cards, and prescription medication. Afterward, the suspects appeared at Plainridge Park Casino. Defense Attorney Caramanica provided the judge with copies of social media posts and videos from the victim, claiming that he thought he knew only one of his attackers. Caramanica also provided copies of the corporation papers for Boneheads Barbershop. In those documents, the victim is listed as a manager of the corporation, along with a man who shares a last name with Defendant Michael Donovan. There was, however, no suggestion of a connection with Defendant Joseph Dunkle.

Assistant District Attorney, Kendall Poirier, augured that the victim did provide an accurate description of his assailants, as well as the license plate number of the Jeep Cherokee that the two men left the scene in. However, the vehicle was traced to Donovan, not Dunkle. The prosecution claims that the two men headed to Plainridge both before and after the robbery occurred and that they are shown on casino surveillance video having changed into dark clothing.

Poirier provided the judge with video footage from the barbershop, which she claimed showed the attack and verified the victim’s recollection of the incident. Police were later able to find several items, including a black ski mask and glove, matching the description what the attackers were wearing. The Assistant District Attorney pointed out that Dunkle has a violent criminal history; in 2012, he served nine months in jail for a felony assault and then violated his probation.

The prosecution’s claim at the dangerousness hearing was that nothing other than confinement could possibly keep the public safe from the threat of Defendant Dunkle. The judge disagreed, stating that the law required her to set bail for Dunkle, as the less restrictive measure. She did order him to stay away from the barbershop, as well as the alleged victim and Co-defendant Donovan. The judge declined to impose a curfew or a location tracking bracelet, though Attorney Caramanica made it clear that his client would readily agree to either as a condition of his bail.

Source: www.thesunchronicle.com

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