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When an individual put in control of another’s money or property uses that money for another purpose, the person may be charged with embezzlement. While technically classified as a white-collar crime, there can be severe consequences if you are convicted. If you need an embezzlement attorney in Attleboro or Fall River, call the Law Office of James M. Caramanica, P.C. We fight to protect the rights of clients facing embezzlement charges throughout the legal process.

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Conviction Has Serious Consequences

Embezzlement is a type of financial fraud that begins with a person who has legitimate access to money or property. The action becomes criminal when the person entrusted with the money converts it for their own use. Embezzlement can range from small amounts of money to millions of dollars illegally obtained through elaborate schemes and illegal activity.

Some examples of embezzlement may include:

  • Caring for an elderly or incapacitated family member and taking their money or property
  • A cashier taking money from the register
  • Employees creating false bills for vendors and taking the money
  • Financial advisors or lawyers stealing clients’ money
  • Ponzi schemes designed to defraud investors

The penalties for conviction depend on the amount of money or value of the property in question. When the amount is less than $250, the penalty can include up to 2.5 years in prison and a fine of up to $600. For amounts greater than $250, a defendant may be facing up to 5 years in prison and $25,000 in fines. In addition to criminal penalties, embezzlement can be pursued in civil court and you could be forced to pay restitution and face tax penalties.

Start Planning Your Embezzlement Defense

If you find that you are the subject of an investigation, an experienced theft crimes attorney can help you make decisions about how to proceed. You should never cooperate with an investigator or answer questions without seeking legal advice. Our embezzlement lawyer in Attleboro can guide you through the legal process and prepare a strategic defense for your case.

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